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Special Projects

Each pod can be individually designed and crafted according to the customer’s own requirements and taste. Pods we have previously built for clients have been used for holiday accommodation, office space, staff accommodation, business use, and much more.

Skye Pod

For the Skye Pod, our customer opted for a wider design, with an added breakfast bar and external storage area. The exterior of the pod was clad on the front side with plastic Envirobuild cladding; which forms a protective barrier against windy weather, compared to the traditional timber cladding. Respatex / wet wall was used on the entire bathroom, including ceiling. Pods of this size can be more costly in travel expenses if they are being transported off the island due to requiring a larger ferry space and a road escort.

Tiree Pod

This pod design was unique in that the patio doors were situated on the end of the pod, on one of the shorter sides. The customer also opted to have bunk beds, a timed heated towel rail and built-in shelf unit. An additional window was placed higher up to ensure privacy, due to the location of the pod when in situ. The space of this pod was cleverly used to maximise living space, whilst staying under the width that would require additional travel costs.

Large Lagavulin Pod

A slightly wider version of our Standard Specification Pod design ‘Lagavulin’. This version is 6.5m x 3.2m. This pod sleeps up to four people, with a double bedroom and space for a large sofa bed in the living area. The living area also contains the kitchenette area. There is also a larger bathroom in this pod too, 1m x 3.2m.

Kildalton Pod

This specially designed pod is 6.5m x 3.2m, allowing for a larger living area and kitchenette. This pod sleeps up to four people, with a double bedroom and space for a large sofa bed in the living area. A veranda was also installed (by the customer) in order to double the floorspace and allow guests to enjoy the outside decking and BBQ in worse weather.

Dunyvaig Pod

The Dunyvaig Pod is a custom-built design for our glamping business here on Islay. This pod sleeps up to six people, with a double bedroom, and two bunk beds and space for a large sofa bed in the living area. This larger pod is popular with our customers on the island as it allows them to have a bigger living area, without the need for the increased transportation costs.

Storm Cube

The ‘Storm Cube’ is a compact alternative to the Storm-Pod. Previous commissions of this design have been for small glamping accommodation, office space, and for personal use in gardens. The Storm Cube is customisable and can be built as an open space or with bathroom and kitchen inside.

Floating Pod

This was a project undertaken for our glamping business onsite here on Islay. The project involved placing a pod on a floating ponton, around 8x6m. the pod itself is 6x3m and contains a living area, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area. There is a balcony and seating exterior to the pod, overlooking the bay.

Distillery Pod

For a famous local distillery owned by Glenmorangie, we created a bespoke whisky tasting pod. The clients chose a whitewash ‘croft’ look finish, to keep within the same theme of the surrounding buildings. It was a one-room open plan space with built in shelving for displaying products.

Here are some plans we created for other Special Project Ideas:

Plan 1

A large, spacious pod. The pod has a main bedroom, a second bedroom with bunkbeds and storage, a bathroom and a large kitchen/living room. The kitchen/living room has a huge window spanning nearly the width of the room.  

Plan 2

Similar to Plan 1, but with a different layout configuration. The kitchen/living room is more spacious, with an added high window at the back of the pod. 

Plan 3

More in-keeping to our standard specification pods, but with an extra bedroom. This pod has a large kitchen/living room with sliding doors to the outside area, a main bedroom, and bunkbed room and a bathroom.