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Skye Pod

One of our recent projects here at Storm-Pods is a bespoke pod built for a customer on the Isle of Skye who wanted a glamping pod for holiday accommodation on Airbnb.

The customer requested that the pod be based on the Ardbeg standard specification, with some alterations to fit their requirements. The most obvious modification was the addition of a storage area to the side on the pod, this added an extra 5m² of floor space onto the pod for storage of bicycles and outdoor equipment. The storage section was sealed onto the main structure of the pod with fibreglass and was cladded to match the rest of the body. A door was added, and the height of the additional space allows for somebody to stand up inside.

The benefit of the Ardbeg pod specification is that it is small enough to be transported from the construction site to the customer’s location without an escort vehicle, saving costs. However, as the customer wanted the additional storage space on this occasion, this increased the overall size of the structure, and therefore required an escort. Another option would have been to erect the storage area in situ, however it was decided this was a less practical option, and being adjoined to the main body of the pod at the time of construction would be preferable for the durability of the structure.

Other features that differ from the original specification include a different style of kitchen. In the original design the kitchen units are located along the front of the pod, however this customer opted to have a bar- style counter-top along the front wall, and kitchen units running along the right-hand side wall. This allowed for additional seating at the bar area, however reduced the floorspace where an additional sofa bed would usually be placed.

As the seating at the bar area was along the front wall of the pod, the customers also opted for a larger window in this area. This allowed for their guests to enjoy the beautiful view the pod overlooks. However, by providing a table/ seating area in this position, there does not need to be an additional table in the pod which would otherwise take up floorspace.

The customer also chose to blend the pod into the surrounding landscape by covering the roof in earth and turf, this was enabled by a retaining concrete wall being erected behind the pod. The exterior of the pod was clad on the front side with plastic Envirobuild cladding; which forms a protective barrier against windy weather, compared to the traditional timber cladding. The neutral grey colour fitted with making the structure less noticeable against the landscape, and is perfect for the strong winds endured on the west coast of Scotland.

The customer was very happy with the outcome of the pod, and it has very proven popular with plenty of bookings since the pod has been on location. If you would like to find out more about what options are available the please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at