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Make Storm-Pods your Business 

Making Storm Pods into a profitable business couldn’t be easier. 

The Storm Pods on Islay are a proven example of this. They have become very popular with tourists who have highly recommended them. Reviews on our Storm Pods can be found on TripAdvisor

As the Storm Pod has a long life span it is a great investment, which could see turning a profit within 2 years depending on location and prices.

Planning Permission 

Before purchasing a Storm-Pod, we recommend that you check the planning permission rules within your country and with your local council.

Due to the Storm Pods falling under the classification of caravans, as long as the pods are moveable and are within the maximum size there is usually no need for planning permission. By connecting water through a standpipe and electricity through a mains connecting socket, the pods are able to remain moveable and not a fixed structure. Alternatively, should you wish to keep the pod as a fixed structure then planning permission will be needed. 


The pods can be delivered by a flatbed lorry or a large trailer. 

Depending on the delivery address and the pod size, the delivery may need escorting by a second vehicle or by the police. This is dependent on the council and police in the delivery area and all areas on route. 

If the location of the pod is over a fence where there is no access to the lorry then additional forklift trucks/cranes will need to be hired on the day of delivery. 

All site preparations will be discussed before delivery.  We can find a suitable haulage company or if you have a preferred haulage company in your area, we can liaise with them.

Please be aware, for deliveries off Islay our Storm Pods staff will not be at the delivery, only the haulage company. All site preparations must be organised by the customer, with details liaised with Storm Pods staff. 

How to purchase

Due to the different model options, requirements, and customisations of the pods, please contact us to discuss details and prices at or 01496 300 129

Price and payment

The first payment is 50% total price as a deposit. The second instillment of 50% is due once the outer shell of the pod is constructed. Any extras added after these payments, with be due once the pod is completed. 


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