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• Planning permission information.

The storm-pod generally should not require planning permission.  Our pods fall under the classification of a caravan which means “any structure designed or adapted for human habitation which is capable of being moved from one place to another whether by being towed or by being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer”. As long as the pods are moveable and come within the maximum caravan size requirements then they should not require planning permission. In order to make our pods moveable we recommend connecting water through a standpipe and electricity though a mains connecting socket. By doing this the pod remains moveable and not a fixed structure.

The location of the pod is also vital. A pod can be placed within the curtilage of a dwelling house as long as its function is to remain ancillary to that of the house. For example our pods can be used within the curtilage of a home as an ancillary guest house and not require planning permission provided that the pod is not someone’s main place of residence.

Planning permission will be required whenever the pod becomes classed a permanent structure, the pod is to be sited in a conservation area or in the curtilage of a listed building.

However commercial developments may require permission from your local planning department as there will more than likely be more than one unit on your site and so it is best to check prior to purchasing if you require planning for your land. Due to the permitted development right there may be no need to acquire planning permission, the website below provides information as to what planning permission is needed

• Delivery options
The pod can be delivered on the back of a flatbed lorry or a large trailer, as its width isn’t more than four meters it can be comfortably negotiated around any road. If it is for your garden then there is the possibility of having to hire a forklift/crane to get it over fences or walls in the way, but we will fully explain the site preparation prior to purchase so that you are aware of what is needed from your land that the pod is to be placed on.
We can deliver for a cost or can recommend a delivery method if you prefer.

• How to purchase. Payment options, etc.
We accept most major payment methods, credit card, direct debit, even cash money. Contact Natasha or Gus at or 01496 300 129

for more information.

• Price and payment
50% total price deposit and 50% once the outer shell of the pod is constructed


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