Are you ready for 2014?

Are you prepared for the inevitable high demand for accommodation in Scotland in 2014? Be prepared with Storm-Pods!

2014 is the year of the Scottish homecoming. This is the year that the world is invited to Scotland to enjoy all it has to offer. A year long program is organised and Visit Scotland expect this to be a great year for tourism.

Not least 2014 sees the Ryder Cup come to Gleneagles, plus the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. With all these events taking place around Scotland there is going to be a high demand for accommodation.

Why not reap the benefits of having these events in Scotland and be a provider of affordable accommodation in the form of a Storm-Pod.

It is so simple… Take that spare area of ground you have or set aside space in your garden and begin making money!

Call us now to discuss getting your Storm-Pod in place ready for 2014!



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