About Us

Gus Newman, Managing Director of StormCats – Scotland’s largest GRP boat building company- has developed the first fibreglass shelled accommodation unit ever seen. Gus’s expertise, gained through building Fiberglass hulls for his boats, enabled him to take the same fibreglass techniques and apply them to the designing of our pods.

Having become an expert in building with Fiberglass, both boats and roofs, Gus often thought that the strength and lifespan of fibreglass would be an ideal material to use in the construction of accommodation units. Gus came to the conclusion that by combining fibreglass with other strengthening materials, he could create a structure that could combat the extreme west coast weather and possess a long lifespan, even if placed underground.

We are currently at the forefront of the concept of the pods, having developed a range of simple and affordable units that combine ground-breaking fibreglass building techniques with luxury in mind. There are no boundaries, just possibilities, the fact that our techniques allow us to build a structure that can withstand the elements and have a lifespan of over twenty years means that we can create a product unlike anything that has been seen before.

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Isle of Islay
PA42 7DX
Tel / Fax: 01496 300 129
Email: info@storm-pods.co.uk


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